• #SlapOutOfIt

  • How You Can Help

  • Know the Warning Signs

About Rehearsal Bitch Face

"When you're watching someone rehearse and don't like what they're doing, and/or think that you should be playing the role, no one wants to know about it. Check your face, or get out of the f*cking room."

- Lesli Margherita

Know the Warning Signs

RBF typically presents itself within 2-4 rehearsal days.

When theater friends post pics or stories about the 'first day of school' pay attention. Especially when they're way the hell in the back of that music rehearsal or read through. Every missed note or flat read by a principal brings your friend closer to a face they may not be able to reverse. A face that will get them fired.

If professional help is not immediately available send them pictures of kittens, the Golden Girls, or vintage Patti/Liza/Bernadette. Elaine Stritch will also work, but only if there's audio. If it's really bad, bring them Schmackary's or matcha.

Empathy is Key

It's important to understand that while RBF is treatable, change won't happen overnight. Someone with Rehearsal Bitch Face has likely had years of feeling like they're the best in the room, the most talented. Watching a celebrity hack their way through a script or warble through songs can be very painful. A pain that's amplified when your friend is certain the role should have been theirs, despite the fact that your friend probably has zero name recognition or box office draw. It's important that you're there for them when they're asked to understudy some no-talent, full-of-themselves buffoon who hasn't been on tv in half a decade.

Make Your Video

The first step to solving any problem is recognizing and admitting there's a problem. Young performers today may not even know about Rehearsal Bitch Face. Awareness is so important.

The Video

The #SlapOutOfIt challenge couldn't be easier. Especially for thespians with a little fight training. Grab a friend and decide who has RBF and who's gonna do some slapping. The person with Rehearsal Bitch Face receives a stage slap, instantly transforming their expression to one of forced happiness and feigned support. Be sure to challenge at least one of your theatre friends at the end of the video.

Get Creative

Have fun with the slapping. Dress up as the Broadway role you wanted to get, but didn't and get slapped. Maybe pick a fun location, like a library or church. Maybe get a bunch of friends together and have the slaps go in rapid succession. The options are endless.

Upload Your Video

Now that you've had fun making your video, it's time to upload and make it the slap-heard-around-the-world.

#SlapOutOfIt Hashtag

When you upload to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or anywhere, be sure to use the hashtag. This way your friends can enjoy you getting slapped over and over.

Insincere Yet Supportive

If you, or someone you know has Rehearsal Bitch Face we urge you to get the help you need to practice insincere, yet completely supportive faces looking in the mirror. No one wants to work with a turd.